Bizarre Bazaar /SVPC 5k October 2009

21:30  9th overall, 1st in AG (30-34), only 98 runners in the field . Lots of hills. Went out in the first mile at a good pace, 6:37, on the flat part of the course. Hills were all over the second mile but I was able to keep it sub -7, 6:58 split. A couple of small inclines on the last mile, mostly flat, but I was really gassed from the last steep grade before the 3/4 mile flat finish. 7:03 pace in mile 3. I always forget to hit the lap button at the end, but I was definitely sucking wind across the finish. 3.17 miles by my Garmin, but this was a certified course. Happy with the performance on this course and feel confident I can go sub-21 next time I can find a flat race.