WACH Resolution Run 5k – Columbia, SC – 1/4/14


The WACH Resolution run  is a first time 5k that starts and ends at Maxcy Gregg Park , with the course mainly a loop in Shandon. It’s the same route used for the William Wilson memorial 5k in 2011-12 and the Colorectal Cancer 5k last year. Not a bad course – basically features the long, gradual Blossom St hill from Get to the Green  (not the Gov Cup – thats the other way) in the first mile, with the rest flat to downhill. It was the second race (Colorectal) in my triple dip in 2013, on my way to an epic victory over the Trophy in the third race. That seems like a long time and several bone fractures ago. The victory is still sweet though, Lady McGaha.

So I always view 1st time races with a little skepticism. Especially ones that are “corporate” and are done by people with no idea about running. I was worried both of these caveats would be true in this race, which wasnt helped by “Running on Empty” playing when I arrived and various other running related songs following on the loudspeaker. Kind of a yay-lets-get-on-our-sweats-and-jog  feeling. These guys had never gotten back to our tour director about being on the TDC, so there wasn’t the usual CRC contingent. I was going to not race in protest, but our tour race this weekend was the Harbison 50k, and there was no way I was going to give the gimp leg a 31.1 mile beatdown in the forest. There was also the option of not racing at all, but that was inconceivable to the melon head.

I showed up and it was cold. Damn cold. Like low 20’s. I had to christen one of their portapotties as soon as I got there and about had frostbitten unmentionables. Not fun. They had a decent crowd there with a few familiar faces.  Brian Talkington, Michele Parnell, Jennifer and Jordan Lybrand, Erin Miller, Ashley Horton, Andrew Touzel, Angel Manuel, Eric McMichael were all on board. Diesel was hiding behind Brady. Dimery showed up last second to crush the hopes of trophy hunters . I had no goals for the race. Just see how it goes. The toe felt terrible in the cold – complete block of ice.

With the start the crowd thinned instantly with the limited competition. Dimery left us all for dead and I saw a mini pack form of Talkington, Erin Miller and Jordan. Jennifer and Angel were a few steps ahead of me, though Angel assured me he was going to hold back big time in this race. Some kid in a green shirt was killing it and ran with me most of the first half mile. We hit the hill about a half mile in and it really sucked. Breathing like a champ is what I do best, but the 25 degree air was blasting my lungs. Toe still block like. I kept up with Jen as I’ve typically seen her throw down about a 6:15-6:20 first mile. I caught her right at the mile mark so I figured I was in good shape – I was wearing long sleeves so I couldn’t access the Garmin easily, so I just continued to go by feel.  I saw Coleen, then Usa and Anita running up ahead as part of the Starbucks Saturday group. The last two were really getting it because I was slow to pass them even in 5k race mode. I kept up with Jen and paced off her for about another half mile before finally making a move, somewhere near that squiggle of an intersection between Wheat and Shandon St (which is the part of like 10 races in Shandon). Along a flat stretch on Wheat I hit mile 2, and I figured something was up. True, I could see Angel just ahead, though Brian and Erin were in another zip code and I had long lost sight of Dimery and Jordan. The main thing was that I felt too good, which is just wrong for a 5k., Its supposed to be pure torture. The toe had finally warmed up some and was moving better, so I started ramping up the pace big time. I started to make up some ground on Angel, though the downhill at 2.5 miles had him pull away a little. I just suck on the declines. I hit the flat homestretch on Blossom toward the finish and it felt like I was flying. I was making significant headway on Angel but I could tell I was running out of real estate….and WTF??? Its already over 20 minutes? I made out the clock at like 20:10 and was so pissed. Kind of phoned in the finish to 20:36 – standing up, not sucking wind. It’s just shameful for me not to headless chicken it.  Good enough for 6th overall and 2nd in AG though. I was confused until I pulled up my Garmin data when I went home. I ran the first 2 miles at 6:46 pace, which is just a touch faster than my pre-cliff half marathon PR. Turns out if you cruise through 2/3 of the race you are not going to be able to make that up. Jen apparently decided to run even splits, so I was completely thrown off. Damn her for showing some restraint! I did do a 6:20 in the final mile, which is better but still not where I want to be.  Gotta warm up that toe more on the cold days!

Dimery crushed the win with a 17:40, which is like a walk in the park for him. Jordan ran like a complete beast and took 2nd in 18:04. Dude’s marathon training is definitely paying off. Erin ruthlessly chicked Talkington in the home stretch to take first female and 3rd overall in 19:36. Brian settled for 3rd male and 19:41, which helped bump me up in the age group with him taking an overall placement. Angel ran at like his marathon pace and finished in 20:29, still shaming me and taking 1st in AG. Jennifer had a very strong race and broke 21 again with a 20:59 for 2nd female. Eric finished 8th and took 3rd in our brutal 35-39.

Green shirt kid was 10 year old Garrison Budic, who crushed a 23:11. Pretty impressive. I wont tell little Alex a kid his age beat his 5k time by almost 20 minutes, Not a good confidence booster. Speaking of elementary schoolers, Brady Ward ran a  25:46 and second behind Garrison. Andrew Touzel took 1st in the 30-34. Ashley is coming back strong after her injury and won 1st in the 25-29 in 25:13. Michele Parnell took the women’s 35-39 by over 2 minutes, while Harry Strick won the 55-59.