Jailbreak 5k – May 2009

JAILBREAK 5k – May 2009

Finished 21:15 today in a 5K with over 400 people, which was fun. Not much to report, given I still dont have a Garmin. The 2 mile marker guy called out my split as 13:25, so I bonked a bit in the last 1.1, which I definitely felt. I’m happy with the time, as its my 2nd best. I was also excited to get back to that elusive sub 7:00 pace. I was surprised to find out I’d placed third in my age group even though I was 46th overall. I was pretty happy about that since I saw two guys before the race that are 33 and always run sub-19. This was a cash awards race, so it brought out a pretty competitive field – winning time was 15:37, top 25 were all sub 20.

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