Colonial Cup 5k, Camden, SC November 2009

I finally PR’d today for the first time in 7 months in the 5k. Nice flat course, perfect weather. 73 people doing the 5k. Decided I was going to go all out and see what happens. First mile was in 6:30ish, felt pretty fast. Started to get tired in the second mile, and felta little sluggish until the turnaround point for the 5k. The rest of the runners continued on for the 10k course. I saw 8 people do the turnaround in front of me. As it turns out, the course was just slightly up hill the first half, and slightly downhill coming back. It looked pretty flat, but it was definitely noticeable once I was heading back. Second mile was a disappointing 6:52.  I started really picking up the pace after I saw that split. Passed a guy around the 2.25 mile mark.  I was really hurting as I neared the mile 3 marker and didnt have the energy to even see my split (later saw it was 6:29). Saw the finish clock in the last turn at about 20:15 and I gave it all I had to the tape. Finished in 20:42, 1st in age group, 8th overall. I’ve been smiling all day about it!  I really think doing more long runs, in addition to racing the HM last weekend,  have helped my endurance. Still hoping to get to 19:59 by 12/31.

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