Kiwanis 5k – Lexington,SC – August 2010

Kiwanis 5k 8/21/10
This was a race that was moved for some reason, and was competing with 2 other races in the Columbia area. I chose it because it was the official “Tour de Columbia” event for this week. Cloudy and 78 at race time, another 100 percent humidity. When I arrived, I was unsure if I was in the right place – hardly anyone was there. As race time neared, it was sad how few had shown up – I figured around 30 – official count was actually only 25. Smallest race I’ve ever done. No elites, except for one of the top female runners in our city (Amy), who has almost identical times to me. With the gun Amy took off and kept the lead most of the first mile. I was just trying to keep her within a reasonable distance. A guy blew past me in the first mile as well and ended up passing Amy near the .75 mile point.
This course was new to me, and its good that it was, or may have never shown up either. Just pure, unrelenting hills. We had a nice drop in the first half mile, but had to make most it up right away. I felt a little gassed at mile 1 already, and saw a 6:15 split, which was really too fast for this course. I paid for it dearly in the second mile – there were basically no flat areas. As soon as I would crest a leg burning incline, I would have to trash my quads on a decline and ascend another hill.  Amy was starting to slow, as well as the lead guy, but I wasnt making up much ground. Second mile split was 6:57. The hills continued in the third mile, but I started to get acclimated to the torture a little. I started closing in on the two in front of me. I could see the lead police car the whole way, which is certainly something new. Hit mile 3 just a few steps behind Amy. Kicked it in the rest of the way, passed her and painfully close to the winner. Crossed the line at 20:33. Although well off my best times, I was definitely happy with the time and result considering the conditions and course. 2nd overall, 1st in AG. Award ceremony was pretty funny – I think everyone got medals with only 25 runners. Masters female winner also finished last overall, and the third place female was a 9 year old girl.

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