Springdale at Sunset 5k – 8/20/11

OK, so I didnt run this race. I may be excessive and obsessive about racing, but 13.1 miles in the morning was enough for me today. Plus I had spent the previous 2 hours chasing 3 kids around Monkey Joes for my oldest’ 8th birthday party. This race has previously had beer at the end, but for some reason they nixed the cervesa this year. Good thing I brought my own.

I ran this race in 2009 and thought it would be perfect for PRs, because its run on a horse race course, and thus must be completely flat. It is flat, but unlike the Kentucky Derby dirt I had in mind, it has long grass instead. Long, momentum sucking dew-laden soft grass. Plus it was 94 degrees at race time that year. Basically it added up to a 23:45 5k in which I had to throw down a ridiculous (both in effort and in appearance) kick to beat a guy that had passed me a quarter of a mile back (later identified as Chad Long). Strictly Running had an 8 photo montage of our finish, complete with grimaces and my shirt riding up showing my white gut. Beautiful. http://sc.milesplit.com/meets/55153/results/93778

This year it was much cooler, probably low 80’s to maybe high 70’s. This race has really grown , now up to 199 runners this year. The race is pretty cool to watch, as you can see the whole course and race from the grandstand area. Mr and Mrs Diesel where also there spectating.  A 15 year old kid won this race, just destroying the field with a low 17 time, really impressive. Anton and Angel also had really fast times for this course, both breaking 19 minutes. Most people were 30 seconds off their road times with the grass. I do think theyve cut the grass a lot more than in 09 and of course the temps kept the times more respectable this year.


Pics are below:

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