Strictly Running Track Series #3 200m, 3000m, 600m, 1600m

The third week of the SR track series felt more like fall after the last two 100+ heat index meets. Eighty degrees by the start, though it had just rained and the humidity was still killer. I had originally planned just to run the mile at the end, but I figured the 200 would be safe to do given the near 30 minute difference between the two events. There were 12 people for this event, and some seriously tough competition – OJ Striggles, Angel and Omar, Komatsu, Nedrick Rivers, Eric Allers, David He – all these guys run 18 minutes or better for the 5k, OJ does 15. Tigs was there to represent the women. Rick, Jeff and I felt seriously slow with this group.

I had never run a 200 before, even in training. I do 400’s all the time for intervals but never an all out sprint like this. There were 9 entrants into the 200, so they did 2 heats. The fast dudes lined up first, so Rick, Jeff ,myself and Hou-Yin Chang ran the slow guys heat afterwards. Nedrick Rivers crushed the 200 in the first heat, going out strong and leading all the way, edging out Omar and OJ close behind. I lined up in the second heat and had a pretty good start, and basically just blasted pure blue shoes kick as hard as I could go. Down the straightaway i could feel my form breaking down but was able to keep going strong. With a race this short, it felt almost completely a test of leg strength, with very little aerobic endurance involved. I was able to hit my goal of sub 30 with a 28.89 sec. Won my heat but finished 4th overall, just 0.4 short of OJ’s third. Wondered afterward if I could have pushed it just a bit more if I was in the first heat, but I was OK with the time and effort.

Angel’s video of the “fast” heat:

I wanted to do the 3000 but I knew there was no way to give a good effort in the mile if I did that one. OJ won after apparently recruiting another guy to rabbit for him – he had a nice kick to break 10 minutes. Omar and Angel finished a close 2-3 at 10:15 or so.

Angel’s 3000 video – clean sweep for RU running! –

I also skipped the 600 – Nedrick took this race easily, beating the field by 7 seconds. I would have liked to see another 400, since I had never seen the 600 ever run.

Angel’s 600 video:

The mile was my focus for this meet, since my last attempt at the distance was destroyed by the 400 race and the heat. I had never run an all out mile , but I figured I could do around 5:30 , based on my 5k splits (low 6). Tigs had said she was going to do 1:27 400 splits, so I planned to start with this pace and see how I felt. However, everybody went out fast and I ended up a shade over 1:20 on the first 400. I was getting out of breath quickly, so I faded a bit on the 2nd 400 to around a 2:50 800. Started feeling stronger midway through the 3rd lap with my lungs cooperating better. Hit the 1200 at about 4:20ish, so I knew I would have to blast the last lap to hit my projected time. I was able to crush a pretty strong first 200 but my lungs were burning by the time I hit the last straightaway. Thought I could catch David He in the last 50 but he threw down a vicious kick at just the right moment to match my effort. Finished in 5:35, 6th out of 11. I was pretty happy with the time for my first real attempt at the mile distance, especially with the heat still a factor. OJ took the race, crushing a 4:42.

Angel’s video of the mile:

Next up: Guardians of the Night 5k on 7/30/11, Hot Summer Night 5k on 8/6.

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