Capital City Safe 5k 7/22/11

Zombie finish

CPD facebook pics:

This is a first time event benefiting the Columbia Police Dept. I had signed up a few weeks ago, since I like nighttime races and the course they posted was near pancake flat. Started on Main St, wrapped around the State House, rejoined Main on the other side, looped back by the horseshoe, went into university hill past capstone and traced back to main at the Columbia Museum of Art.

What I didnt know a few weeks ago was that it would be this hot. I mean Columbia in July at 7:45 pm is not going to be cool, but this was suck-the-life-out-of-you , soul-crushing hot. High was 102, and not much under that at race time. Apparently scared way the Trophy, who starts complaining over 70 degrees. Mr and Mrs Diesel went to a pool party , which is what a sensible person would do on a 100 degree Friday night. There was a surprisingly high turnout given the conditions. The fact the race was on the Palmetto Grand Prix and Tour de Columbia brought out all the hardcore types. I did a “warm up” with Code Brown and Rick Gibbons, but actually bailed halfway, realizing that all I was doing was getting overheated. I went back to the car and blasted the AC for about 10 minutes, which I guess probably negated the whole warmup thing

Angel’s start video: .

Big crowd at the start, everybody sweating profusely already. My main strategy was just to avoid the bonk in this race. The heat had me seriously scared. I knew if I did the usual sub 610 first mile there would be a death march in my future. I tried to hold back some when the gun sounded, though its hard not to get carried away. I paced with Greg Howell for the first mile, and we crossed the marker right at 620, near Hunter-Gatherer. I felt surprisingly good, perhaps because I didnt blast the pace and there was a little breeze that helped. I worked at just maintaining this pace most of the way home. I was able to start moving up in the pack going the same speed, as the heat started to take its toll on a few. I still hemorrhaged a few seconds on mile 2 – there is a slight incline heading towards capstone and my breathing started getting rough. Was able to pass the 2nd female Megan Weis right at the marker, 1250 something. She’s usually a good marker for how my race is going, as we seem to be around the same 5k pace in the last year. With 1.1 to go I decided to give it all I could. I figured I was safe from any terrible blow up this close to the finish. Managed to pass the OG on Senate st, though i know he’s not been 100 percent. Under a half mile to go I passed a guy who looked suspiciously 35-39 so I tried to use this as motivation to push it hard. Kicked it in as hard as I could in the last turn, since I knew it was about a quarter mile to the finish. I was half delirious but was able to make out the clock changing to the 19’s. It felt like it took forever, but was able to hit the finish at 19:47, actually passing a few in the last 100 meters. Really happy with the time, since I was projecting probably 20:15 with the heat. 11th overall, 2nd in age group behind Code Brown. Good thing I finished strong because 3rd was 2 sec behind me. Gotta figure out who this Hellwig guy is. Some guy I’ve never heard of won the race in low 15’s, just incredible. Amy McDonaugh won overall female at 1930ish. Post race spread was nice with a cooldown sprayer, and ice cold water and gatorade, plenty of food.





Angel’s finish video:

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